Thursday, June 14, 2007

The heroes: Warden

The Warden is incredibly powerful if you keep her alive and is also lots of fun to play. Micro is essential to playing a Warden, since your weak Warden must be on the front lines to do much damage.


Fan of Knives

This is a very underappreciated skill -- it's one of the few AoE spells that cannot be dodged. Though the damage output is low, the cooldown decreases so you are doing damage more often than other spells. When using Fan of Knives, try to be decently surrounded by enemies so that no knives go to waste. Late game, you can Blink into an enemy base filled with lower level units, Fan, and Blink out before the enemy can even react (this is sometimes called Farming). This is especially fun when combined with Level 6 Blink. Note that Fan of Knives is classified as a physical spell so it won't hurt Halpmeh.

Level DMG/Total DMG Cooldown Range
1 75 dmg / max 400 dmg total 9 400 AoE
2 125 dmg / max 900 dmg total 8 450 AoE
3 190 dmg / max 1400 dmg total 7 500 AoE
4 240 dmg / max 1900 dmg total 7 550 AoE
5 300 dmg / max 6000 dmg total 6 600 AoE
6 350 dmg / 9999 max damage 5 700 AoE


Most people see Blink as their escape path, but it is also superb for diving into danger. Once you have Blink you should walk around as little as possible. You should have Blink at level 3 to be decently useful, and Level 6 Blink is a must-have for hit and runs. With Shadow Strike, Fan of Knives, and Blink maxed, you can kill any hero with no danger to yourself. Notice the range on Level 6 Blink -- you can Blink between adjacent bases which makes it very easy to farm late game footmen, archers, and ghouls, for cash.

Level Range Cooldown Mana
1 1000 10 50
2 1250 9 50
3 1500 7 50
4 1750 5 50
5 2000 4 50
6 3500 3 50

Shadow Strike

Shadow Strike is a very cost-effective hero kill which does a small initial damage and then more damage over time. Because this is a draining spell rather than a single damage spell, people don't realize how great it is. It always costs 65 mana, slows the target by 50% for the entire duration, and has an 8 second cooldown. The draining damage drains heroes for 7 seconds at every level, but the times for units are much higher. As its initial Damage is classified as physical, Halpmeh will no longer take damage from the initial, but still from the over-time damage. So use it on him to clear off the kill before someone else does it.

Level DMG Hero DMG Units
1 75 dmg / 30 dmg over 9 secs hero 50 dmg over 15 sec units
2 150 dmg / 60 dmg over 9 secs hero 100 dmg over 17.5 sec units
3 225 dmg / 90 dmg over 9 secs hero 200 dmg over 20 sec units
4 300 dmg / 120 dmg over 9 secs hero 280 dmg over 22.5 sec units
5 375 dmg / 150 dmg over 9 secs hero 400 dmg over 25 sec units
6 450 dmg / 160 dmg over 9 secs hero 600 dmg over 30 sec units


Vengeance creates a giant undispellable Avatar which creates invulnerable, but dispellable, Spirits from nearby dead bodies. Killing the Avatar kills all the Spirits, or you can dispel them all with several casts of Dispel Magic. This spell got a bad rap in older versions, but as of 3.3, the Spirits will survive much longer in battle. The Avatars last for 180 seconds, or until killed.

Level Unit(s) Mana Cooldown
1 1 Level 1 Avatar which can summon 7 Spirits at a time 150 180
2 2 Level 2 Avatars which can summon 7 Spirits at a time 140 170
3 3 Level 3 Avatars which can summon 7 Spirits at a time 130 160

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