Thursday, May 21, 2009

Castle Fight game modes and chat commands

Here is a list of all gamemodes/modifications & chat commands that can be used in Castle Fight:

Host commands (Player 1 only):

Gamemode input system:

Gamemode can be entered by player 1 in the first 20 seconds of gametime before round 1 starts. It is entered like this:

-Modename[newRace? numVictories]

Modename can be:
r : random race:
Each player gets a random race.
p : pick race:
Each player may pick a race.
d : draft race:
Races are drafted in a 12211221 system. So first one player of team 1 may choose his race, then 2 players from team 2, then 2 players from team 1 again and so on.
m : mirror mode:
Each player gets a random race, but both teams get the same random races.

newRace? can be:
r : new race each round
g : one race for whole game

numVictories can be:
a number between 1 and 6 determining the win limit.


-mg5 will make a mirror mode game with one race for whole game and 5 wins.

-rr2 will make a random race game with new races each round and 2 wins.

This may seem complex but once you see this commands more often you will get used to em fast. And as natac suggested, if you don't type a valid command between the first 15 seconds you will still be able to choose modes via dialogues.
You can enter as many modes as you want in this 15 seconds, only the last one will be taken. So if you typed the wrong gametype, just retype it.

If you want to play single round games (here, also newRace? doesn't matter) you can simply type only the mode, example

-m will make a 1 round mirror mode game

Game modifications:

Game modifications can be entered by player 1 in the first 15 seconds of gametime before round 1 starts (like gamemodes).

Coins (-co): Coins will appear every 40 seconds randomly in the castle area. The player who picks them will receive some extra money.

Units Only (-uo): This modification disables all non creep producing buildings except for treasure box. Also siege creep buildings are disabled because they are mainly to kill towers, which don't exist at this game mode.

No Artillery (-na): This modification disables all Structures that damage enemy's buildings directly. (Artillery, Frost Launcher & Shrine of Destruction)

No Air (-nai): Players cannot build any structures that produce flying creeps.

No Treasue Box(-ntb): You can't build Treasure Boxes when this modification has been chosen.

No Unit Bounty (-nb): When no unit bounty is chosen, killed creeps & structures don't give bounty to the killing player.

No Taxes (-nt): You don't have to pay taxes on your income when No Taxes is chosen.

High Taxes (-ht): Tax rate increases 10% each 12.5 income (25 is normal) if high taxes are chosen.

No Specials (-ns): At this mode, you can't build any special buildings that consume food. The only foodcost buildings that you can build is the Treasure Box and Towers.
The difference between this mode and -uo is that you can buy towers and siege weapons at -ns.

No Items (-ni): The main castle doesn't sell any items if this mode is chosen.

Dual Races (-dr): A race can be chosen/randomed more than once per team.

Domination (-dom): If a team dominates both lanes it gets 50% bonus income

No Legendaries (-nl): Players don't have food to build legendary buildings.

No Rescue Strike (-nrs): Builders don't have a Rescue Strike

Lumber Limit (-llX): Sets the lumber limit to X. X can be any number between 0 and 99999. Players can't get more lumber than this limit.

Single Lane (-sl / -slt / -slb): Units can only move / fly over one lane. -sl picks a random lane while -slt picks the top lane and -slb the bottom lane

Stable Mode (-sm): You can't choose / random lately introduced races. This is for competitive play if new races still contain major imbalances

Fog of War (-fowX): There will be Fog of War at the beginning of each round for X seconds. If you just write -fow without a number, you will have indefinite fog of war.

Ban Races (-banX): Before races get picked/randomed the leader of each team bans X races which cannot be picked/randomed then

Multiple Players (-mpX): Each human player controls X players. You can use this mode to make a 4on4 with only 2on2 players or test things with multiple races while playing 1on1 or alone versus bots

Caging (-ca): You are able to block units by building buildings around them in this gamemode. You can use this to build farms like in earlier versions

No AFK (-nafk): Players can't use the "-afk" command and the AI will also not take control over an afk player after some time.

Unique Races (-ur): A race can be chosen only once per round (even across the teams).

Fixed income (-fi): All players start with 100 gold and 30 gold income. However, only treasure boxes increase income. All other buildings grant no income. This is an experimental mode for another income model in CF.

League Mode(-lm): This mode is intended for wars & leagues. It contains following things:
-No AFK is on
-Balance can't be turned on
-Individual Races is on
-High Taxes is on

Fun modes:

Crazy Coins (-cc): Ten coins will spawn instead of one.

Nuke Mode (-nuke): The Main Castle sells Nuke Launchers.


These commands will completely alter the environment. Only one enviroment can be chosen.

Icy Environment (-envice): A snowy winter environment where piles of ice are your walls.

Lava Environment (-envlava): A lava environment with mushrooms instead of trees.

Other host commands:
These commands can be entered by player 1 at all times.

Fill teams (-fill[Number]): This command fills both Teams with Bots until the given Number is reached at the beginning of the next round. If you want to turn off auto fill, type "-nobalance".
If you just type "-fill" without a number, teams get filled up to 6 players.
"-fill3" would fill both teams up to 3 players for example.

Balance teams (-balance): Activates auto team balance. When auto team balance is on at the beginning of a new round, the team with less players will get bots to even the teams. Note that if you are fast, you can type this command even before the first round, to even the teams from the start on(if somebody leaves at countdown). If you are not fast enough use pause game to get more typing time. Auto team balance can be turned off again by typing "-nobalance"

No balance (-nobalance): Type this, to turn off auto fill or auto team balance. Note that if a bot has already joined, there is no command to kick him yet. So use this command before the next turn's beginning if you want no balance.

Extra Rounds Vote (-xrX): Increases the number of wins for overall victory by X. All players must agree to this change by typing -agree

Boon reminder (-boons): If you think that there are some players that are new to Castle Fight in your game, type this to turn on the "boon reminder". If it is on, there will be a global message every minute, telling players useful hints about the game. The boon reminder can be turned off by typing "-noboons"

Boon reminder off (-noboons): Turns off the boon reminder.

Skip choosing time (-pause): If you want to type many gamemodes and the starting time is too short for you, type -pause. The game will then not start until you write -skip, so you have got enough time to enter all modes you like

Skip choosing time (-skip): Write this during the first 20 seconds to start round1 immediately (if you have already chosen gamemodes and can't wait ;) )

Player commands (all players):

Go AFK/ come back (-afk/-re): If you write -afk the AI will take control over your worker until you write -re. If you don't move your worker for a longer periode of time the AI will also take control over your worker automatically. Type -re to gain control back then.

Vote for draw (-draw): Type -draw to vote for drawing the round. As soon as ALL human players have typed -draw, the round will be counted as a draw and thus restarted. This is to solve some situations where no team can win and the game lasts infinite or starts to lag like hell.

Show armor table (-armor): Shows which damage type is good against which type of armor, so that you can build the right units. I know that this list isn't very concise at the moment.

Show income (-income): Shows some details about your current income, like your base income your Treasure Box multiplier and the Taxes you pay.

Show stats (-stats): Shows your current statistics (Things like how many kills you have, how much income you have gained, etc.).

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Castle fight 1.13 changelog

This is mainly a bugfix and balance patch. However, some additions were made: The fixed income, unique races and permanent fog of war modes offer new strategies and are experiments how the game can be improved with new ideas. Bots are now better mates since they build behind the castle and don't crash if they are undead. However, keep in mind that the castle was weakened and thus doesn't have such big tanking capabilities anymore. Most known bugs were fixed and most balance issues were addressed. Read the full changelog or just try out the new version.

-New modification: Fixed Income (-fi): Players start with 100 gold and 30 income.
Income is only increased by Treasure Boxes, nothing else
-New modification: Unique Races (-ur): Each race can only be picked / randomized / drafted once. (Even across the teams)
-The maximum player count was reduced to 5on5 to allow spectators (and because 6on6 truly sucked)
-Legendary units now have a 75% spell damage reduction and most negative effects last less time on them:
-->stun: 50% duration
-->other negative buffs (freeze, curse...): 25% duration
-Bots now build behind the Main Castle
-Reduced the hitpoints of the Main Castle to 5000
-fog of war can now last as long as you wish, or event indefinitely if you use -fow without any number
-Redesigned marksman, he is now only able to attack air
-Added Gunner's Hall as a new upgrade to the Sniper Nest (Gunner's can attack only ground)

-special buildings now work in fog of war
-The undead bot no longer crashes after some time
-Fixed erasor's upgrade lumber cost
-Warlock is no longer doesn't use his spell on mechanical units
-Shredders no longer damage allied buildings when they die
-Nuke Launcher's wood cost was replaced by foodcost
-Fixed the insane repair time on Gyrocopters, however, they can still be repaired very fast
-You no longer get two workers in the next round when somebody -draws immediatly after the Castle goes down
-When -nafk is chosen, all players that went afk before it will be re'd automatically
-World Freezer orbs now stun units as stated in its tooltip
-In -mr mode, -afk had a strange behavior. This is fixed

-Increased Flesh Golem's hitpoints by 200 and its armor by 1
-Increased the woodcost of Oracle of Sirens, Obelisk of Light and Death Pit
-Increased Naga Guardian's hitpoints by 25
-Increased Naga Royal Guard's hitpoints by 100 and its armor by 1
-Increased the heal ratio of Avatar of Vengeance / Avenging Spirit by 5% / 2% and increased their hitpoints by 50 / 25
-Reduced the income gain of support / killer buildings to 1.2% / 0.9%
-Taxes in -ht (High Taxes) were raised from 15 to 12.5 (so taxes increase by 10% for each 12.5 gold income you have)
-The maximum tax rate was raised from 70% to 80%
-High Taxes mode is now enabled in league mode
-Tower Balance changes:
--> Towers can be repaired around 22% faster
--> Increased build time of towers to 20 seconds (that you really build them BEFORE you get pushed, not during the push)
--> Increased hitpoints to 1500
--> Increased hitpoint regen to 2.0
--> Increased armor to 8
--> Reduced lumber cost to 300
--> Increased tower income gain by 0.1%
--> Blast Staff now costs 200 lumber
-slightly increased minedamage and radius
-slightly increased lunatic goblin's damage, radius and damage against buildings
-changed flamegunner's armor type to light and increased its armor value
-changed iron golem's armor to medium
-reduced Bloodthirster's number of bounces by 1
-Increased Energy Tower's range by 50
-Increased Adamant Golem's hitpoints by 150
-Increased Assault Tank's dps by around 5
-Reduced cost of Aircraft Factory by 10
-Increased bash damage from Rotherothopter/Gyrocopter by 15/20 and increased stun duration by 0.2 seconds
-Solar Strike is no longer able to target mechanical units (will make gyrocopters more useful against Dhawks)
-Powerplant now has an aura that has a chance to purge negative buffs from buildings it empowers
-Volcano is now restricted to 6 victims max
-Incubus is no longer able to overtake legendary units
-Heavy Tank Factory cost was reduced from 270 to 250
-Reduced Ice Queen nove area damage by 25 and freeze trigger chance by 5%
-Increased Magnataur's dps by 7, its stun duration by 0.5 seconds and its stun damage by 25
-Increased Ancient Wandigoo's hitpoints by 150
-Increased Infernal's hitpoints by 100
-Increased Wandigoo's hitpoints by 50
-Increased Axemasters dps by 10 its pulverize damage by 30, its armor by 3 and its hitpoints by 25
-Increased Hydra's splash radius slightly
-Increased Dragon Turtle's dps by 6
-Increased the hitpoints of all murlocs slightly
-Reduced Ballista's dps by 3
-Increased Paladin's armor by 1 and its hitpoins by 50
-Increased Goblin Shredder's armor by 1
-Reduced Murloc's collision size
-Increased cost of treasure box to 350 gold/500 lumber

-Removed the additional % sign in the domination message in -dom mode
-Fixed typo on the undead builder's description
-Fixed wrong dps display of catapult's burning ammo
-Fixed mistakes in the boon tips
-You no longer get the message "Build additional unit producing structures" when you are out of food
-Nether drakes no longer got a fake 0AoE splash in their tooltip

-Caged unit now explode instead of walking through buildings
-Added a hint to OoL's tooltip that its damage goes through most magic immunity and cannot hit invisible units

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Footmenfrenzy 6.4 changelog

- Removed "etheral" tag from Mine Barrier mines
- Changed choppers attack to hero damage
- Replaced Keldyn's Meteor Strike with another ability
Shadow Hunter
- Serpent Wards have nerfed early/buffed late.
Mountain King
- Avatar duration increased
Counter Mage
- Magic Armor Aura now works on units.
- Increased armor for Roaaaarrrr's stalkers to 3/3/4/5/6/8 from 3/3/4/4/5/5. Higher level stalkers have additional abilities.
- New ultimate
- Mass TP cast time decreased
- Forces of Nature hotkey changed
- Flamestrike buffed
- starfall dmg increased at level1
Demon Hunter
- Meta cooldown lvl 3 increased
- FoK nerfed

- All Unholy aura's buffed to 1.5/2/2.5/3/4/6

- Reduced cost of tier 5 to 16k gold from 35k gold.
- stats for meatwagons changed to 125 base dmg w/ 2.75 cd
- stats for chimaeras changed to 160 base w/ 3.5 cd
- stats for steam tanks changed to 110 base w/ 2.5 cd
- stats for wyverns changed to 280 base w/ 6 cd
- hp upgrade improved.
- racial cost lowered
- Changed unit models for Militia and Peons.
- Breaker base damage increased to 23 from 20.
- Changed splash damage for Flying Meatwagons and Chimaeras to hit only enemy units.
- Increased gold bounty of tier 5 units to 65 + 8d3.
- Changed Orc damage against heroes to 75% from 100%

- Reduced cost of Scepter of Destruction from 1750 to 1500.
- Reduced cast time of Scepter of Destruction from 5 seconds to 3.
- Reduced cooldown of Scepter of Destruction from 45 seconds to 15 seconds.
- Reduced duration of Healing Salve from 60 seconds to 45; the Healing Salve still heals 1500 health.
- Reduced duration of Base Healing from 60 seconds to 25; the Base Healing still heals 1500 health.
- The Rod of Envy is now very persistent.
- Scroll of Town Portal! has a gold cost of 250 from 150.
- Reduced delay time for Ankh of Reincarnation to 1 second from 7 seconds.
- Increased damage reduction value of Berserker Mask to 7 from 5.
- Changed Bark's Clutch so that it cannot target mechanical units.
- Removed Mashiba's Eyebrows, Levias Nets, and Digit's Staff.
- Moved some items around.
- Added Healing Ward of the Gods to the Legendary Shop.
- Added Drake Nest to the Legendary Shop.
- Added the Searing Sniper Bow.

- Increased cost of chunsang, durant, and k-rose to 350.
- Increased cost of goatzilla to 325
- increased gold cost for dudey to 300
- Increased range of Mana Flare from 600 to 900.
- Increased maximum damage of Mana Flare against heroes from 50 to 150.
- Increased maximum damage of Mana Flare against creeps from 150 to 450.
- Increased base damage of Faerie Dragon attack to 6.
- Granite Golems now has Absorb Mana, which drains 200 mana from one unit under your direct control and restores that much mana to the Granite Golem. Absorb Mana has a cooldown of 40 seconds.
- Penguins have Hero damage type so that they deal less damage to buildings.
- Reduce the duration of Penguins to 90 seconds from 120 seconds.

Random Things
- Fixed the issue which caused the Phoenix to enter and stay in the Tavern area.
- Fixed the issue which allowed Arch Magi to Mass Teleport into the Tavern area.
- Fixed the issue which allowed Wardens and Edges to Blink into the Tavern area.
- Changed 6v6 to be cross teams (top left team and bottom right team vs top right team and bottom left team).
- Added a function that supposedly stores the team number of the winning team at the end of the game.
- Added code to preload tier 1 buildings.
- Added a gold distribution trigger for players that have their base killed (also includes players who leave the game).
- Changed 6v6 to be cross teams
- several spells now have casting animations
- several tooltips fixed
- added pathing blockers around all walls.
- removed the silly 'reverse hero' mode