Monday, June 25, 2007

Footmen frenzy heroes: Crypt Lord

The Crypt Lord does pretty well as a solo hero and is beefy enough to last for quite some time. If you want to play him as a mean killing machine, max everything but beetles. If you'd rather use the beetles of doom, max it instead of Spiked Carapace and keep the Crypt Lord on the sidelines. Summoning beetles while on the front line can be deadly to you, because they'll probably appear around you and block your retreat.



Impale damage and stuns a line of enemy units. The stun on this spell is better than the damage it does. It's great when used in tandem with another AoE spell like Carrion Swarm. It's also useful for stopping retreating heroes. Impale always costs 100 mana and has a 9 second cooldown.

Level DMG/(Impale length) Range Stun (Hero/Units)
1 50 dmg / 625 length 700 1 sec hero / 2 sec units
2 90 dmg / 650 length 725 2 sec hero / 3.5 sec units
3 120 dmg / 675 length 750 3 sec hero / 5 sec units
4 150 dmg / 700 length 775 4 sec hero / 6.5 sec units
5 180 dmg / 725 length 800 4 sec hero / 7 sec units
6 360 dmg / 800 length 825 4 sec hero / 10 sec units

Carrion Beetles

Carrion Beetles are a different kind of summons than you're probably used to. These fat beetles don't do much damage, but they have fortified armor and are magic immune. They were designed to be more of a moving Bone Wall than a scary attacking squad. Beetles make a good meat shield for ranged units and also do wonders at messing up the pathing of Tier 4 units. To increase the survival of your beetles, combine them with Vampiric Aura or some Scourge Bone Chimes. A fun strategy to try: Impale a hero and then surround him with beetles. Beetles always last for 60 seconds or until killed. The mana cost is 100 and the cooldown is always 15 seconds for levels up to 6, and level 6's mana cost is 300 and cooldown is 30.

Level Units Hitpoints Danage Armor
1 3 Beetles 350 hp 16-19 dmg 0
2 4 Beetles 400 hp 16-19 dmg 2
3 5 Beetles 450 hp 21-24 dmg 4
4 6 Beetles 500 hp 21-24 dmg 6
5 7 Beetles 550 hp 24-27 dmg 10
6 20 Beetles 550 hp 24-27 dmg 10

Spiked Carapace

Spiked Carapace is like a local version of Thorns Aura, and also provides additional armor to the Crypt Lord. It is very useful when your opponents tech melee units or when you are facing a Blademaster or Jaood.

Level Armor DMG returned %
1 +3 25% dmg returned
2 +6 50% dmg returned
3 +9 75% dmg returned
4 +12 100% dmg returned
5 +15 125% dmg returned
6 +20 225% dmg returned

Locust Swarm

At Level 1, Locust Swarm is a healing spell which takes hit points from enemy units and feeds them to the Crypt Lord. At higher levels, it's an AOE killing spell, because the locusts take much more HP than your Crypt Lord could ever want. Locust Swarm always costs 150 mana.

Level Life Regeneration Area Cooldown
1 20 swarms returning 25 hp each 800 AoE 180 seconds
2 30 swarms returning 50 hp each 850 AoE 150 seconds
3 50 swarms returning 80 hp each 900 AoE 120 seconds

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Footmen frenzy heroes Superlanboy

Superlanboy is one of the best tanks in the game. With frost armor, howl of terror, high strength, and his life-restoring ultimate, he can stay alive forever. Most of his kills will be scored with immolation. Frost armor helps keep allied heroes alive as well and can even help in big battles when strategically placed on a few units. Howl of terror will turn any close battle to your favor.



This is an exact copy of the Demon Hunter's spell. It is Superlanboy's only damage-causing spell and the best way to kill melee units that are futilely attacking you.

Level Dmg/second Mana/Second Area
1 15 dps 10 mana per second 160 AoE
2 35 dps 10 mana per second 180 AoE
3 55 dps 10 mana per second 200 AoE
4 75 dps 10 mana per second 220 AoE
5 95 dps 10 mana per second 240 AoE
6 160 dps 20 mana per second 260 AoE

Howl of Terror

Howl of Terror is a very strong AoE disabler. You are guaranteed to level up if your army is fighting pathetic weakened versions of everyone else's army. Run Superlanboy behind enemy lines to get maximum effectiveness. A rarer strategy (which is subtly effective) is to use it on two armies that are fighting each other. These armies will net their heroes experience at a much slower rate, so you're effectively weakening two teams at once. Howl of Terror always costs 75 mana and has a cooldown of 12 seconds.

Level Damage reduction Armor reduction Duration Area
1 -30% damage -3 armor 15 sec hero / 20 sec unit 500 AoE
2 -35% damage -4 armor 16 sec hero / 21 sec unit 550 AoE
3 -45% damage -5 armor 17 sec hero / 22 sec unit 600 AoE
4 -55% damage -6 armor 18 sec hero / 23 sec unit 650 AoE
5 -65% damage -7 armor 19 sec hero / 24 sec unit 700 AoE
6 -80% damage -10 armor 20 sec hero / 30 sec unit 900 AoE

Frost Armor

People don't like Frost Armor because it requires micro and does not have a very noticeable effect. Give it a chance though, and you'll love it. Casting Frost Armor on a unit boosts armor and any enemies who attack will be slowed for a few seconds. You should be looking for the healthiest of your troops who are on the front line, or heroes who might be surrounded. The slow duration listed in the chart reflects both heroes and units. Remember to cast it on yourself when you enter the fray; the extra armor and slow really help keep you alive.

Level Armor/Duration Cooldown Slow down Effect Mana Range
1 +3 armor for 45 seconds 2 seconds 5 seconds slow 40 800
2 +6 armor for 45 seconds 2 seconds 5 seconds slow 40 825
3 +9 armor for 45 seconds 2 seconds 5 seconds slow 40 850
4 +12 armor for 45 seconds 2 seconds 5 seconds slow 40 875
5 +15 armor for 45 seconds 1.75 seconds 10 seconds slow 50 900
6 +25 armor for 60 seconds 1 seconds 12 seconds slow 60 925


This spell causes all nearby enemy units to attack Superlanboy and restores his health to maximum. This spell always costs 25 mana.

Level Range Cooldown
1 1000 range 60 seconds
2 1500 range 45 seconds
3 2000 range 25 seconds
Note: As of 5.3, this ability does not work properly at levels 2 and 3. Life will be restored, but nearby units will not attempt to attack Superlanboy.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Footmen frenzy heroes: HatoUP

HatoUP aka TheBigGame (after 5.0) is an excellent hero killer, and gains experience by the virtue that she's too fast to die frequently. Hatoup is best played wtih everything maxed but frost arrows, which don't help out at all in the late game. While not really needing any items other than the ever important town portal, life and mana items are very useful, and she could benefit from some Agility items. In previous versions, HatoUP was one of the heros that could easily dodge the Bloodmage's Flamestrike/Banish combo due to her unholy aura.


Shadow Strike

This is an exact replica of the Warden's Shadow Strike. Use it on a hero and then slow it down with Ice Shards until the cooldown is over. Shadow Strike has an 8 second cooldown and costs 65 mana.

Level DMG Hero DMG Units
1 75 dmg / 30 dmg over 9 secs hero 50 dmg over 15 sec units
2 150 dmg / 60 dmg over 9 secs hero 100 dmg over 17.5 sec units
3 225 dmg / 90 dmg over 9 secs hero 200 dmg over 20 sec units
4 300 dmg / 120 dmg over 9 secs hero 280 dmg over 22.5 sec units
5 375 dmg / 150 dmg over 9 secs hero 400 dmg over 25 sec units
6 450 dmg / 160 dmg over 9 secs hero 600 dmg over 30 sec units

Ice Shards

Ice Shards is a frost-arrow based skill that greatly slows down units. In battle, manually attack units in turn so the frost effect is distributed. It's also very effective at stopping heroes from running away. Remember that arrow skills do not interact with orbs. The slow effect lasts for 1.5 seconds on heroes and 5 seconds on units.

Level DMG & Speed reduced Extra DMG Mana
1 -30% atk & move speed +5 dmg 10
2 -40% atk & move speed +15 dmg 10
3 -50% atk & move speed +25 dmg 10
4 -60% atk & move speed +30 dmg 7
5 -70% atk & move speed +35 dmg 7
6 -80% atk & move speed +60 dmg 7

Unholy Aura

Unholy Aura increases the movement speed and life regeneration rate of nearby units. It is especially useful for maneuvering your units into a hero surround formation. Unholy aura gives you the advantage of hit-and-run and is many times useful when teams try to to flank you.

Level HP Regeneration/sec Speed Effect % Area
1 +3 HP +10% 900 AoE
2 +4 HP +20% 950 AoE
3 +5 HP +30% 1000 AoE
4 +6 HP +40% 1050 AoE
5 +7 HP +50% 1100 AoE
6 +10 HP +60% 1250 AoE


Stampede will let you level up and win the game when effectively used. Many people don't realize that you can direct the stampede. When you cast the spell, TheBigGame will start channeling towards the spot you click and the thundering lizards will charge across the screen in parallel lines to the line formed between TheBigGame and the targetted spot. The lizards always come from behind the hero. The lizards will explode against the first unit they hit, so you want to angle your stampede to hit the weakest units.

A VERY effective way to stampede is to clog someone's base with your armies and then have TheBigGame cast stampede while pointing towards the Archvault in the middle. The lizards will appear inside the enemy base and make it much harder to avoid damage. If all their units are up front, your lizards will also be more likely to hit their bases first, which could mean game over very quickly at Level 3. Stampede placement takes some practice, but any idiot can learn it once they know how it works. Stampedes always last for 30 seconds.

Level Units, DMG, Area Cooldown Mana Area Range
1 2 size 55 Lizards per sec, 60 dmg each in 275 aoe 180 seconds 150 1000 AoE 300
2 4 size 57 Lizards per sec, 90 dmg each in 285 aoe 170 seconds 200 1100 AoE 300
3 6 size 59 Lizards per sec, 120 dmg each in 295 aoe 160 seconds 250 1200 AoE 300

Thursday, June 14, 2007

The heroes: Warden

The Warden is incredibly powerful if you keep her alive and is also lots of fun to play. Micro is essential to playing a Warden, since your weak Warden must be on the front lines to do much damage.


Fan of Knives

This is a very underappreciated skill -- it's one of the few AoE spells that cannot be dodged. Though the damage output is low, the cooldown decreases so you are doing damage more often than other spells. When using Fan of Knives, try to be decently surrounded by enemies so that no knives go to waste. Late game, you can Blink into an enemy base filled with lower level units, Fan, and Blink out before the enemy can even react (this is sometimes called Farming). This is especially fun when combined with Level 6 Blink. Note that Fan of Knives is classified as a physical spell so it won't hurt Halpmeh.

Level DMG/Total DMG Cooldown Range
1 75 dmg / max 400 dmg total 9 400 AoE
2 125 dmg / max 900 dmg total 8 450 AoE
3 190 dmg / max 1400 dmg total 7 500 AoE
4 240 dmg / max 1900 dmg total 7 550 AoE
5 300 dmg / max 6000 dmg total 6 600 AoE
6 350 dmg / 9999 max damage 5 700 AoE


Most people see Blink as their escape path, but it is also superb for diving into danger. Once you have Blink you should walk around as little as possible. You should have Blink at level 3 to be decently useful, and Level 6 Blink is a must-have for hit and runs. With Shadow Strike, Fan of Knives, and Blink maxed, you can kill any hero with no danger to yourself. Notice the range on Level 6 Blink -- you can Blink between adjacent bases which makes it very easy to farm late game footmen, archers, and ghouls, for cash.

Level Range Cooldown Mana
1 1000 10 50
2 1250 9 50
3 1500 7 50
4 1750 5 50
5 2000 4 50
6 3500 3 50

Shadow Strike

Shadow Strike is a very cost-effective hero kill which does a small initial damage and then more damage over time. Because this is a draining spell rather than a single damage spell, people don't realize how great it is. It always costs 65 mana, slows the target by 50% for the entire duration, and has an 8 second cooldown. The draining damage drains heroes for 7 seconds at every level, but the times for units are much higher. As its initial Damage is classified as physical, Halpmeh will no longer take damage from the initial, but still from the over-time damage. So use it on him to clear off the kill before someone else does it.

Level DMG Hero DMG Units
1 75 dmg / 30 dmg over 9 secs hero 50 dmg over 15 sec units
2 150 dmg / 60 dmg over 9 secs hero 100 dmg over 17.5 sec units
3 225 dmg / 90 dmg over 9 secs hero 200 dmg over 20 sec units
4 300 dmg / 120 dmg over 9 secs hero 280 dmg over 22.5 sec units
5 375 dmg / 150 dmg over 9 secs hero 400 dmg over 25 sec units
6 450 dmg / 160 dmg over 9 secs hero 600 dmg over 30 sec units


Vengeance creates a giant undispellable Avatar which creates invulnerable, but dispellable, Spirits from nearby dead bodies. Killing the Avatar kills all the Spirits, or you can dispel them all with several casts of Dispel Magic. This spell got a bad rap in older versions, but as of 3.3, the Spirits will survive much longer in battle. The Avatars last for 180 seconds, or until killed.

Level Unit(s) Mana Cooldown
1 1 Level 1 Avatar which can summon 7 Spirits at a time 150 180
2 2 Level 2 Avatars which can summon 7 Spirits at a time 140 170
3 3 Level 3 Avatars which can summon 7 Spirits at a time 130 160

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Footmen frenzy heroes: Mountain King

The Mountain King is the master tanker. He can easily wade into the fray and survive, especially later in the game with Avatar. His weakest point is his extremely small mana pool. If you aren't on a skilled team which can control the middle shop with its mana regeneration aura, you're going to need mana items very desperately. Even with the middle advantage, you won't go wrong by giving the Mountain King a Precept or two.


The usual Mountain King strategy is to buy mana items and rush quickly to a Cloak of Immolation, and then farm Footmen and other weak melee units early on. Later, Stormbolt and Thunder Clap is chained to easily eliminate heroes.

Advanced Micro

  • The Mountain King benefits well from animation canceling.
  • When using Thunder Clap before you get your Cloak, Clap and quickly move away from enemy units to minimize damage. After Cloak, this only slows down your farming.


Storm Bolt

Storm Bolt is the definitive hero killer spell. Even if the Bolt doesn't kill a hero, the stun allows you time to surround the hero and pick it off with your army. Late game you should be going bolt-happy, bolting any hero that shows its face in the middle. The goal is not necessarily to kill heros all the time -- the goal is to make them afraid to enter the middle.

Level DMG Stun (hero/unit) Mana Range
1 100 dmg 3 sec / 5 sec 160 600
2 200 dmg 3.5 sec / 5 sec 160 625
3 300 dmg 4 sec / 10 sec 160 650
4 400 dmg 4.5 sec / 12 sec 160 675
5 500 dmg 5 sec / 14 sec 160 700
6 700 dmg 6 sec / 20 sec 160 750

Thunder Clap

Thunder Clap is a very effective unit killer, and should be the first skill you get. Like the Tauren Chieftain's stomping skills, you will need some practice to determine the most practical locations for a Clap. Early game, make sure you have an escape route to run away through after the stomp, so you don't get surrounded. Late game, combine Thunder Clap with Storm Bolt to quickly eliminate heroes. Use Clap just after Stormbolt's stun wears off to take advantage of its slow. Thunder Clap always lasts for 3 seconds on heroes and has a 6 second cooldown.

Level DMG Speed/Slow Effect Mana Area
1 60 dmg -50% atk & move speed / 4 sec unit 125 250 AoE
2 100 dmg -55% atk & move speed / 5 sec unit 125 300 AoE
3 150 dmg -60% atk & move speed / 6 sec unit 125 350 AoE
4 200 dmg -65% atk & move speed / 7 sec unit 125 400 AoE
5 250 dmg -70% atk & move speed / 8 sec unit 125 450 AoE
6 350 dmg -75% atk & -80% move speed / 9 sec unit 125 500 AoE


This is a latent skill which gives you a chance to stun and do bonus damage. It's a nice bonus to have, but maximizing this skill does not give you as visible a benefit as other skills. One zany strategy you can try is to stack agility items on your MK and then max bash. It won't be as effective as the old Falcon, but it'll be fun for about five minutes.

Level Probability % DMG Stun hero/units
1 20% chance +25 dmg 1 sec hero / 2 sec unit
2 30% chance +35 dmg 1.25 sec hero / 3 sec unit
3 40% chance +45 dmg 1.5 sec hero / 4 sec unit
4 40% chance +55 dmg 1.75 sec hero / 4 sec unit
5 45% chance +65 dmg 2 sec hero / 4 sec unit
6 50% chance +80 dmg 2 sec hero / 5 sec unit


Avatar turns your Mountain King into a magic-immune fighting machine. When fighting a high level Avatar, the only counter is to focus fire with ranged units, far enough away from the MK to survive. If this is not an option, the best counter is to hide and let him destroy someone else. Try having him chase you into someone else's base and hope the two forces collide to the detriment of both. Avatar always costs 250 mana and has a cooldown of 200 seconds.

Level DMG Armor Extra HP Duration
1 +30 dmg +5 +500 hp 60 seconds
2 +40 dmg +10 +750 hp 65 seconds
3 +50 dmg +15 +1000 hp 70 seconds

Countering the Mountain King

  • The Mountain King is a very difficult hero to counter once he has become powerful. The key is to stop him from getting that far. Always move your units out of Immolation and try to not give him many hero kills.
  • The best way to kill a Mountain King is with a strong Night Elf tech.
  • If he chains Stormbolt and Thunder Clap, use a Speed Scroll to counter Thunder Clap's effects.
  • When he uses Avatar, hide.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Footmen frenzy heroes: Blademaster

The Blademaster is primarily a hero-killer with the combination of backstab damage from Windwalk and the huge amounts of damage that can result from successful Critical Strikes. Mirror Images can keep attacks off the real Blademaster and can provide a meatshield for ranged units or heroes. At high levels, Images provides some damage output as well. Bladestorm is an excellent AOE spell when used correctly.


Wind Walk

Wind Walk temporarily turns the Blademaster invisible, provides a speed bonus, and gives a single-target attack bonus on the Blademaster's first attack (which will break the Wind Walk). It is perfect for both escaping from the enemy and sneaking up on heroes. It can also be used during lulls to regain mana near the Archvault while remaining undetected.

Wind Walk can be partially countered by the free Archvault item 'Dust of Appearance', the Witch Doctor's sentry wards, and all creatures with Truesight. These will make the Wind Walker visible, but will not negate the speed bonus or the bonus 'backstab' damage on the first attack coming out of Wind Walk. Wind Walk always costs 75 mana and the cooldown is fixed at 7 seconds.

Level Backstab Dmg Duration Speed Effect %
1 60 dmg 20 seconds +10% move speed
2 125 dmg 40 seconds +15% move speed
3 200 dmg 60 seconds +15% move speed
4 275 dmg 60 seconds +20% move speed
5 350 dmg 60 seconds +25% move speed
6 600 dmg 120 seconds +35% move speed

Mirror Images

Mirror Images dispels any effects on the Blademaster and creates illusions of the Blademaster for 50 seconds. These images are more susceptible to damage than the Blademaster. At Level 4, 5 and 6, the images do a small percentage of the Blademaster's attack damage. You can counter images by holding down the Alt key and noting which ones are doing the most damage or taking the least damage. An Orb of Static on a ranged hero is also a cheap way to determine illusions by attacking each one a couple times and to see which ones take the most damage.

Level Images Image Dmg Damage taken Cooldown Mana
1 1 0% atk dmg +200% dmg taken 7 seconds 125
2 2 0% atk dmg +190% dmg taken 7 seconds 125
3 3 0% atk dmg +180% dmg taken 7 seconds 125
4 4 15% atk dmg +170% dmg taken 7 seconds 150
5 5 25% atk dmg +160% dmg taken 7 seconds 200
6 9 35% atk dmg +150% dmg taken 15 seconds 260

Critical Strike

Critical Strike is a passive skill that gives the Blademaster a chance to do bonus damage. Critical Strike includes any damage bonus items the Blademaster has, and a high-level Blademaster with some Claws can easily kill some heroes in one hit. Early game, it's helpful to focus on army units instead of heroes to gain gold quickly. Also note that the faster the Blademaster attacks, the more frequent Critical Strikes will connect over a set span of time; therefore, agility items are also very beneficial.

Level Chance / Dmg multiplier
1 16% chance to do 3x more dmg
2 18% chance to do 4x more dmg
3 20% chance to do 5x more dmg
4 22% chance to do 6x more dmg
5 24% chance to do 7x more dmg
6 30% chance to do 9x more dmg


Bladestorm causes the Blademaster to spin rapidly, damaging any units in his path. The Blademaster's movement can be controlled while using Bladestorm. He is also magic-immune while the spell is in effect, but is still susceptible to all physical damage. He will most likely not survive for long past the casting of this spell without a Potion of Healing or Invulnerability; both of which can be used during the Bladestorm without interrupting its effects. Generally, Windwalk is used to attain the best possible initial position for Bladestorm.

Note that it is possible to activate a Potion of Invulnerablity AFTER activating Bladestorm. If the potion is used beforehand, the effect will be canceled by the Storm.

Level Damage per sec Duration Area Cooldown Mana
1 110 dps 7 seconds 200 AoE 180 seconds 200
2 250 dps 9 seconds 250 AoE 160 seconds 225
3 420 dps 12 seconds 325 AoE 140 seconds 225

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Footmen frenzy heroes: Avalanche

Avalanche is among that elite group of heroes that everyone hates. This group also includes the Blademaster, Jaood, and the Paladin when you're Undead. When new players encounter Avalanche for the first time, they come running to the NoHunters forum to cry about imbalance. However, Avalanche is really not a big deal once you know how to deal with him. When playing as Avalanche, get a Scroll of Speed and a Scroll of the Beast and focus on low-hp-heros for some early herokills. Don't chase full health strength-heroes because you won't be able to kill them and someone else will probably jack the bounty. Getting an Infernal Cloak is critical to playing with Avalanche, because it provides you with a source of income in mid game. Once you have the cloak, find bases full of unused melee units and just stand in the middle of them. With Thorns and Immolation, you will kill the vast majority of units very quickly. Use this money to upgrade your troops, because Avalanche will not win alone late game. Make good use of the 50 gold Speed Scroll to catch heroes and get away from AOE spells.

When Avalanche is on the other team, there are plenty of fun ways to counter him. Spend the early game killing him and use his 400 gold bounty to get a tier or two. Buy demolishers, which do extra damage to his fortified armor. Get a feel for the duration between attacks and the cooldown on Blink so you can taunt him with your running hero whenever he tries to snipe you. Tell your unused melee troops to Hold Position so they don't run to attack him. Move melee units away if he tries to Blink closer. The simplest way to defeat Avalanche is to suicide his base early on.

Avalanche costs 2000 gold as of 5.3, and is classified as a special hero, which means he is removed from the tavern and the Random pool after two minutes.


Lard of Layers

This skill provides bonus armor and hurts melee attackers -- it's like a personal combination of Devotion and Thorns (it stacks with them too). Since the skill set of Avalanche was replaced, many players now maximize this skill.


Thorns hurts melee enemies who attack Avalanche and his army. This is a must-have skill when your army is being used because no one can "turn it off" unless they kill Avalanche. It's much easier to kill a Keeper with Thorns than an Ava with Thorns.


Devotion provides additional armor to Avalanche and units around him. Avalanche doesnt benefit that much from armor at early levels. However, your units will be grateful if you provide them with some defense.

Critical Strike

Avalanche reincarnation was replaced with Critical strike as of v5.0. This makes avalanche a much better hero killer late game because you have a chance to kill the hero with one hit.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Footmen frenzy heroes: Assassin

The Assassin is a good for sniping heroes early and mid-game with bonus damage from Searing Arrows and Windwalk. Feral Spirit is also useful for positioning the Assassin's invisible wolves to block heroes' retreat and to provide additional damage. A few agility items to make better use of Searing Arrows and Claws for additional damage are good items for her to have; however, be careful not to spend too much money on this hero because her spells don't make much of a difference late game; she'll need a properly teched-up army.


Wind Walk

Wind Walk is perfect for escaping while injured now that it allows you to walk through other units. You also get a single damage bonus on your first attack after Wind Walking. Use it to sneak attack low-health heroes or during lulls to regain mana near the Archvault while remaining undetected. Wind Walk always costs 75 mana and the cooldown is fixed at 7 seconds.

Level Backstab DMG Duration Speed Effect %
1 60 dmg 20 seconds +10% move speed
2 125 dmg 40 seconds +15% move speed
3 200 dmg 60 seconds +15% move speed
4 275 dmg 60 seconds +20% move speed
5 350 dmg 60 seconds +25% move speed
6 600 dmg 120 seconds +35% move speed

Searing Arrows

Searing is a great damage spell, but it works best when you couple it with Agility items. If you want to use Mask of Death or Orb of Frost, be sure to deactivate this Spell because Orb effects don't stack. Also, never buy Scourge Bone Chimes for your Assassin, because it just not worth the money. Assassin is a ranged hero, and ranged attacks don't benefit from vampiric aura.

Level DMG Mana
1 +15 dmg 7
2 +35 dmg 7
3 +55 dmg 7
4 +85 dmg 7
5 +105 dmg 7
6 +175 dmg 7

Feral Spirit

For 75 mana, you get powerful wolves with fortified armor. High level wolves also have Spell Immunity, Feedback, Critical Strike and Permanent Invisibility. Wolves are countered pretty effectively with Dispel, but late game wolves can sometimes kill a hero before he knows they're there. Wolves last 60 seconds and have a 30 second cooldown.

Level Units
1 2 Dire Wolves
2 3 Shadow Wolves
3 4 Shadow Wolves
4 5 Big Shadow Wolves
5 7 Big Shadow Wolves
6 5 Big Bad Wolves


Reincarnation is one of those spells that you put one point in and forget about. It's really just an insurance point to keep you alive and deny the enemy an easy bounty.

Level Reincarnation Cooldown
1 Hero revives after 7 sec 240 seconds
2 Hero revives after 4 sec 200 seconds
3 Hero revives after 1 sec 140 seconds

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Footmen frenzy heroes: Archmage

The Archmage is a very newcomer-friendly hero. He rakes in the gold and does mass destruction with Blizzard. However, the Archmage is only good for very new players or very good players -- there is no middle ground. A particularly annoying Archmage will find himself the butt of every attack in the game and it takes a good player to successfully level him all the way up in an expert level game. You must stick with hit and run attacks, and force players into playing defensively. I would max Blizzard, Brilliance, and Mass Teleport, with 3 points in Water Elemental, because the high level Mass Teleport is excellent for army harassment. If you don't have any allied heroes that desperately need Brilliance, try maxing Water Elementals and leave Brilliance at level 3. The Archmage can always use life or armor items but mana items are redundant.



Blizzard is THE defining spell for an Archmage. It is your source of income and destroys troops by the dozen. When I use blizzard, I have no problem with destroying some of my team's units, as long as the enemy units killed give me more gold than I would have lost on my troops. Blizzard is only 10% effective against buildings, but is a great hero killing spell if you know how to anticipate a hero's path. Blizzard always costs 150 mana to cast and has no maximum damage cap.

Level DMG/Wave Cooldown Mana Area Range
1 40 dmg x 5 waves 6 seconds 150 200 AoE 800
2 55 dmg x 5 waves 7 seconds 150 225 AoE 800
3 70 dmg x 6 waves 8 seconds 150 250 AoE 800
4 85 dmg x 6 waves 9 seconds 150 275 AoE 800
5 100 dmg x 8 waves 10 seconds 150 300 AoE 800
6 150 dmg x 10 waves 11 seconds 150 350 AoE 800

Water Elemental

Water Elementals are useful for keeping fire off of the Archmage. This is a decent spell when you don't want to max Brilliance, but Elementals are not as scary as other summons -- it could be their big blue complexion. All water elementals cost 150 mana and last for 35 seconds and Level 3 and 4 Elementals have Fortified armor and Chaos damage.

Level Unit(s) Cooldown Damage Hitpoints Duration
1 1 Water Elemental Lv1 25 seconds 34-44 dmg 675 Hp 35 secs
2 2 Water Elementals Lv1 25 seconds 34-44 dmg 675 Hp 35 secs
3 2 Water Elementals Lv2 25 seconds 47-55 dmg 900 Hp 35 secs
4 3 Water Elementals Lv3 25 seconds 57-65 dmg 1200 Hp 35 secs
5 3 Water Elementals Lv3 25 seconds 57-65 dmg 1200 Hp 35 secs
6 3 Water Elementals Lv4 15 seconds 77-85 dmg 1200 Hp 35 secs

Brilliance Aura

The Archmage himself doesn't really need this skill to be maxed out, but your allied heroes will love you for it. If you are on a team that constantly controls the center, this spell becomes less important. This aura only affects allied heroes.

Level Regeneration Area
1 +0.7 mana/sec 900 AoE
2 +2.7 mana/sec 1000 AoE
3 +3.7 mana/sec 1100 AoE
4 +5 mana/sec 1200 AoE
5 +7 mana/sec 1300 AoE
6 +9 mana/sec 1400 AoE

Mass Teleport

Mass Teleport allows you to transport the Archmage and the nearest units to any allied unit's location. This spell is excellent for breaching an enemy base, especially late game where walking through the middle will get half your army killed. Remember that it will only teleport your own units, but you can target any friendly unit with the spell.

Level Units Cooldown Mana Area
1 50 units 20 seconds 75 700 AoE
2 100 units 15 seconds 20 800 AoE
3 999 Units 12 seconds 1 900 AoE

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Footmen Frenzy Download (v 5.3)

Here is the link where you can download the latest version (until now) of "Footmen Frenzy"

Footmen frenzy heroes: Alchemist

The Alchemist is something of a conundrum because he doesn't really fit the mold of the other heroes. He's strength-based but can't do any damage without Chemical Rage, and his AOE spells are fair to middlin'. Most people don't like to pick the Alchemist, as he doesn't fit into any of the normal strategies of the game. But played right, alchemist can be a powerful early game farmer and late game support hero. His acid bomb can pretty much kill footmen on one cast at Level 3 and the transmute will give you all the gold you need to mass a crazy teched up army. A fun strategy is to max Acid Bomb, Chemical Rage, and Transmute. Tech up your army with the cash from transmute and with any other gold buy a Mask of Death and some health items. You will have a fast attacking hero killing machine, because -25 armor really hurts.


Healing Spray

Healing Spray is an Area of Effect healing spell that heals both allied and enemy units. It affects a very large area and should be spammed often to keep your armies alive. Note that you can also heal yourself with this spell -- just place the circle target over the top of your hero. Healing Spray always costs 75 mana.

Level Heal Area Range
1 40 hp per wave / 5 waves 250 AoE 800 range
2 55 hp per wave / 6 waves 325 AoE 850 range
3 70 hp per wave / 7 waves 400 AoE 900 range
4 80 hp per wave / 8 waves 475 AoE 950 range
5 100 hp per wave / 9 waves 550 AoE 1000 range
6 150 hp per wave / 12 waves 625 AoE 1050 range

Acid Bomb

Acid Bomb is like a Drunken Haze that works in a circle, with a dash of Howl of Terror and the aftereffects of Rain of Fire. The bomb targets a single unit, and the effects are felt by all units in the surrounding area. Don't rely on this spell for kills -- just use it to incapacitate armies. Acid Bomb always costs 75 mana and has the same duration on both heroes and units. Although it looks weak , at lvl 6, it can be as deadly as any other AoE skill .

Level Armor Reduction Attack / Move Speed Reduction Damage Cooldown Area Range
1 -3 armor N/A 3 dmg/sec for 10 secs 12 secs 200 AoE 700 range
2 -6 armor N/A 7 dmg/sec for 11 secs 11 secs 220 AoE 725 range
3 -9 armor -10% attack & move speed 10 dmg/sec for 12 secs 10 secs 240 AoE 750 range
4 -12 armor -20% attack & move speed 13 dmg/sec for 13 secs 9 secs 260 AoE 775 range
5 -15 armor -30% attack & move speed 15 dmg/sec for 14 secs 8 secs 280 AoE 800 range
6 -20 armor -40% attack & move speed 20 dmg/sec for 16 secs 7 secs 300 AoE 850 range

Chemical Rage

Chemical Rage converts your Alchemist into a bloodlusted fighting machine for 20 seconds, and it's cheap enough to use whenever available. Having this spell means you don't have to worry too much about Agility items, and it works great with a Mask of Death. The big problem is that the Alchemist tends to crumple easily on the front line so you really need to commit to items that will keep him alive if you use this skill as a mainstay. Please remember that you give a slightly higher bounty if killed in this form. Chemical Rage always costs 25 mana and lasts for 20 seconds.

Level Attack Speed Cooldown
1 -0.5 secs attack cooldown 30 secs
2 -0.75 secs attack cooldown 28 secs
3 -1.0 sec attack cooldown 26 secs
4 -1.25 secs attack cooldown 24 secs
5 -1.5 secs attack cooldown 22 secs
6 -1.75 secs attack cooldown 20 secs


Transmute is the reason most people choose Alchemist these days, and it's not a particularly compelling one. With one cast, you can turn a single non-hero unit into gold. With a little experimentation, you'll be able to figure out the most cost-effective ways to use this spell, but just remember that higher Tiers generally give more money than lower tiers.

The amount you get back from a unit is determined by the Gold Cost and you also receive the normal random bounty for killing the unit. For example, a Crypt Fiend costs 200 gold and gives 27-41 gold bounty upon death. If you Transmute this unit with Level 2 Transmute, you will get the random bounty as usual, plus 400 gold.

You can also use Transmute on Creeps from the Creep Shop. For Creeps, the Transmute Factor is equal to the cost of the creep, so casting Level 3 Transmute on a 300 gold Demolisher will return 900 gold! Transmute does not return any gold for summons.

Level Transmute Factor Cooldown Mana
1 1x Gold Cost for level 5 and below 45 secs 175 mana
2 2x Gold Cost for level 6 and below 60 secs 275 mana
3 3x Gold Cost for level 7 and below 75 secs 375 mana

Tier 0 Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5
Unit Cost 50 150 200 250 300 500