Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Footmen frenzy heroes: Alchemist

The Alchemist is something of a conundrum because he doesn't really fit the mold of the other heroes. He's strength-based but can't do any damage without Chemical Rage, and his AOE spells are fair to middlin'. Most people don't like to pick the Alchemist, as he doesn't fit into any of the normal strategies of the game. But played right, alchemist can be a powerful early game farmer and late game support hero. His acid bomb can pretty much kill footmen on one cast at Level 3 and the transmute will give you all the gold you need to mass a crazy teched up army. A fun strategy is to max Acid Bomb, Chemical Rage, and Transmute. Tech up your army with the cash from transmute and with any other gold buy a Mask of Death and some health items. You will have a fast attacking hero killing machine, because -25 armor really hurts.


Healing Spray

Healing Spray is an Area of Effect healing spell that heals both allied and enemy units. It affects a very large area and should be spammed often to keep your armies alive. Note that you can also heal yourself with this spell -- just place the circle target over the top of your hero. Healing Spray always costs 75 mana.

Level Heal Area Range
1 40 hp per wave / 5 waves 250 AoE 800 range
2 55 hp per wave / 6 waves 325 AoE 850 range
3 70 hp per wave / 7 waves 400 AoE 900 range
4 80 hp per wave / 8 waves 475 AoE 950 range
5 100 hp per wave / 9 waves 550 AoE 1000 range
6 150 hp per wave / 12 waves 625 AoE 1050 range

Acid Bomb

Acid Bomb is like a Drunken Haze that works in a circle, with a dash of Howl of Terror and the aftereffects of Rain of Fire. The bomb targets a single unit, and the effects are felt by all units in the surrounding area. Don't rely on this spell for kills -- just use it to incapacitate armies. Acid Bomb always costs 75 mana and has the same duration on both heroes and units. Although it looks weak , at lvl 6, it can be as deadly as any other AoE skill .

Level Armor Reduction Attack / Move Speed Reduction Damage Cooldown Area Range
1 -3 armor N/A 3 dmg/sec for 10 secs 12 secs 200 AoE 700 range
2 -6 armor N/A 7 dmg/sec for 11 secs 11 secs 220 AoE 725 range
3 -9 armor -10% attack & move speed 10 dmg/sec for 12 secs 10 secs 240 AoE 750 range
4 -12 armor -20% attack & move speed 13 dmg/sec for 13 secs 9 secs 260 AoE 775 range
5 -15 armor -30% attack & move speed 15 dmg/sec for 14 secs 8 secs 280 AoE 800 range
6 -20 armor -40% attack & move speed 20 dmg/sec for 16 secs 7 secs 300 AoE 850 range

Chemical Rage

Chemical Rage converts your Alchemist into a bloodlusted fighting machine for 20 seconds, and it's cheap enough to use whenever available. Having this spell means you don't have to worry too much about Agility items, and it works great with a Mask of Death. The big problem is that the Alchemist tends to crumple easily on the front line so you really need to commit to items that will keep him alive if you use this skill as a mainstay. Please remember that you give a slightly higher bounty if killed in this form. Chemical Rage always costs 25 mana and lasts for 20 seconds.

Level Attack Speed Cooldown
1 -0.5 secs attack cooldown 30 secs
2 -0.75 secs attack cooldown 28 secs
3 -1.0 sec attack cooldown 26 secs
4 -1.25 secs attack cooldown 24 secs
5 -1.5 secs attack cooldown 22 secs
6 -1.75 secs attack cooldown 20 secs


Transmute is the reason most people choose Alchemist these days, and it's not a particularly compelling one. With one cast, you can turn a single non-hero unit into gold. With a little experimentation, you'll be able to figure out the most cost-effective ways to use this spell, but just remember that higher Tiers generally give more money than lower tiers.

The amount you get back from a unit is determined by the Gold Cost and you also receive the normal random bounty for killing the unit. For example, a Crypt Fiend costs 200 gold and gives 27-41 gold bounty upon death. If you Transmute this unit with Level 2 Transmute, you will get the random bounty as usual, plus 400 gold.

You can also use Transmute on Creeps from the Creep Shop. For Creeps, the Transmute Factor is equal to the cost of the creep, so casting Level 3 Transmute on a 300 gold Demolisher will return 900 gold! Transmute does not return any gold for summons.

Level Transmute Factor Cooldown Mana
1 1x Gold Cost for level 5 and below 45 secs 175 mana
2 2x Gold Cost for level 6 and below 60 secs 275 mana
3 3x Gold Cost for level 7 and below 75 secs 375 mana

Tier 0 Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5
Unit Cost 50 150 200 250 300 500

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