Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Footmen frenzy heroes: HatoUP

HatoUP aka TheBigGame (after 5.0) is an excellent hero killer, and gains experience by the virtue that she's too fast to die frequently. Hatoup is best played wtih everything maxed but frost arrows, which don't help out at all in the late game. While not really needing any items other than the ever important town portal, life and mana items are very useful, and she could benefit from some Agility items. In previous versions, HatoUP was one of the heros that could easily dodge the Bloodmage's Flamestrike/Banish combo due to her unholy aura.


Shadow Strike

This is an exact replica of the Warden's Shadow Strike. Use it on a hero and then slow it down with Ice Shards until the cooldown is over. Shadow Strike has an 8 second cooldown and costs 65 mana.

Level DMG Hero DMG Units
1 75 dmg / 30 dmg over 9 secs hero 50 dmg over 15 sec units
2 150 dmg / 60 dmg over 9 secs hero 100 dmg over 17.5 sec units
3 225 dmg / 90 dmg over 9 secs hero 200 dmg over 20 sec units
4 300 dmg / 120 dmg over 9 secs hero 280 dmg over 22.5 sec units
5 375 dmg / 150 dmg over 9 secs hero 400 dmg over 25 sec units
6 450 dmg / 160 dmg over 9 secs hero 600 dmg over 30 sec units

Ice Shards

Ice Shards is a frost-arrow based skill that greatly slows down units. In battle, manually attack units in turn so the frost effect is distributed. It's also very effective at stopping heroes from running away. Remember that arrow skills do not interact with orbs. The slow effect lasts for 1.5 seconds on heroes and 5 seconds on units.

Level DMG & Speed reduced Extra DMG Mana
1 -30% atk & move speed +5 dmg 10
2 -40% atk & move speed +15 dmg 10
3 -50% atk & move speed +25 dmg 10
4 -60% atk & move speed +30 dmg 7
5 -70% atk & move speed +35 dmg 7
6 -80% atk & move speed +60 dmg 7

Unholy Aura

Unholy Aura increases the movement speed and life regeneration rate of nearby units. It is especially useful for maneuvering your units into a hero surround formation. Unholy aura gives you the advantage of hit-and-run and is many times useful when teams try to to flank you.

Level HP Regeneration/sec Speed Effect % Area
1 +3 HP +10% 900 AoE
2 +4 HP +20% 950 AoE
3 +5 HP +30% 1000 AoE
4 +6 HP +40% 1050 AoE
5 +7 HP +50% 1100 AoE
6 +10 HP +60% 1250 AoE


Stampede will let you level up and win the game when effectively used. Many people don't realize that you can direct the stampede. When you cast the spell, TheBigGame will start channeling towards the spot you click and the thundering lizards will charge across the screen in parallel lines to the line formed between TheBigGame and the targetted spot. The lizards always come from behind the hero. The lizards will explode against the first unit they hit, so you want to angle your stampede to hit the weakest units.

A VERY effective way to stampede is to clog someone's base with your armies and then have TheBigGame cast stampede while pointing towards the Archvault in the middle. The lizards will appear inside the enemy base and make it much harder to avoid damage. If all their units are up front, your lizards will also be more likely to hit their bases first, which could mean game over very quickly at Level 3. Stampede placement takes some practice, but any idiot can learn it once they know how it works. Stampedes always last for 30 seconds.

Level Units, DMG, Area Cooldown Mana Area Range
1 2 size 55 Lizards per sec, 60 dmg each in 275 aoe 180 seconds 150 1000 AoE 300
2 4 size 57 Lizards per sec, 90 dmg each in 285 aoe 170 seconds 200 1100 AoE 300
3 6 size 59 Lizards per sec, 120 dmg each in 295 aoe 160 seconds 250 1200 AoE 300

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