Friday, June 08, 2007

Footmen frenzy heroes: Assassin

The Assassin is a good for sniping heroes early and mid-game with bonus damage from Searing Arrows and Windwalk. Feral Spirit is also useful for positioning the Assassin's invisible wolves to block heroes' retreat and to provide additional damage. A few agility items to make better use of Searing Arrows and Claws for additional damage are good items for her to have; however, be careful not to spend too much money on this hero because her spells don't make much of a difference late game; she'll need a properly teched-up army.


Wind Walk

Wind Walk is perfect for escaping while injured now that it allows you to walk through other units. You also get a single damage bonus on your first attack after Wind Walking. Use it to sneak attack low-health heroes or during lulls to regain mana near the Archvault while remaining undetected. Wind Walk always costs 75 mana and the cooldown is fixed at 7 seconds.

Level Backstab DMG Duration Speed Effect %
1 60 dmg 20 seconds +10% move speed
2 125 dmg 40 seconds +15% move speed
3 200 dmg 60 seconds +15% move speed
4 275 dmg 60 seconds +20% move speed
5 350 dmg 60 seconds +25% move speed
6 600 dmg 120 seconds +35% move speed

Searing Arrows

Searing is a great damage spell, but it works best when you couple it with Agility items. If you want to use Mask of Death or Orb of Frost, be sure to deactivate this Spell because Orb effects don't stack. Also, never buy Scourge Bone Chimes for your Assassin, because it just not worth the money. Assassin is a ranged hero, and ranged attacks don't benefit from vampiric aura.

Level DMG Mana
1 +15 dmg 7
2 +35 dmg 7
3 +55 dmg 7
4 +85 dmg 7
5 +105 dmg 7
6 +175 dmg 7

Feral Spirit

For 75 mana, you get powerful wolves with fortified armor. High level wolves also have Spell Immunity, Feedback, Critical Strike and Permanent Invisibility. Wolves are countered pretty effectively with Dispel, but late game wolves can sometimes kill a hero before he knows they're there. Wolves last 60 seconds and have a 30 second cooldown.

Level Units
1 2 Dire Wolves
2 3 Shadow Wolves
3 4 Shadow Wolves
4 5 Big Shadow Wolves
5 7 Big Shadow Wolves
6 5 Big Bad Wolves


Reincarnation is one of those spells that you put one point in and forget about. It's really just an insurance point to keep you alive and deny the enemy an easy bounty.

Level Reincarnation Cooldown
1 Hero revives after 7 sec 240 seconds
2 Hero revives after 4 sec 200 seconds
3 Hero revives after 1 sec 140 seconds

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