Thursday, March 02, 2006

Rootkit in BLIZZARD product !

"Blizzard, a subsidary of Vivendi, builds and markets the popular computer game known as World of Warcraft, which claims more than 4.5 million players worldwide. Unknown to most players is the fact that World of Warcraft includes an embedded spyware program which indiscriminantly reads data from all open windows and processes on the users computer. The purpose of the warden is to verify compliance with the EULA and TOS. While many welcome the warden as a means to catch cheaters who use 3rd party 'botting' programs, many others may find this a violation of privacy.

The fact is that the warden client reads information from other processes on the computer. Regardless of the reasons, this technically counts as 'spying' on a user. So, reasons aside, the term 'spyware' is fitting. "

There is a released tool for showing the truth: THE GOVERNOR.
"The Governor is very simple - it watches the activities of World of Warcraft, and clearly reports which data is being read from other processes. The Governor makes no attempt to subvert or alter the behavior of the warden client, or World of Warcraft. The Governor will not assist you in cheating. The Governor exists for one reason, to tell you the truth."

These are quotes from Watch the whole article here.


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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Jaood the great

Can anyone tell me if you can beat a Jaood with one Claw of Ultimate Devastation, 4 Claws of Attack and a Mask of Death ?

Neahhh !

It's invincible !
Dont try to convince me !


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