Monday, June 11, 2007

Footmen frenzy heroes: Blademaster

The Blademaster is primarily a hero-killer with the combination of backstab damage from Windwalk and the huge amounts of damage that can result from successful Critical Strikes. Mirror Images can keep attacks off the real Blademaster and can provide a meatshield for ranged units or heroes. At high levels, Images provides some damage output as well. Bladestorm is an excellent AOE spell when used correctly.


Wind Walk

Wind Walk temporarily turns the Blademaster invisible, provides a speed bonus, and gives a single-target attack bonus on the Blademaster's first attack (which will break the Wind Walk). It is perfect for both escaping from the enemy and sneaking up on heroes. It can also be used during lulls to regain mana near the Archvault while remaining undetected.

Wind Walk can be partially countered by the free Archvault item 'Dust of Appearance', the Witch Doctor's sentry wards, and all creatures with Truesight. These will make the Wind Walker visible, but will not negate the speed bonus or the bonus 'backstab' damage on the first attack coming out of Wind Walk. Wind Walk always costs 75 mana and the cooldown is fixed at 7 seconds.

Level Backstab Dmg Duration Speed Effect %
1 60 dmg 20 seconds +10% move speed
2 125 dmg 40 seconds +15% move speed
3 200 dmg 60 seconds +15% move speed
4 275 dmg 60 seconds +20% move speed
5 350 dmg 60 seconds +25% move speed
6 600 dmg 120 seconds +35% move speed

Mirror Images

Mirror Images dispels any effects on the Blademaster and creates illusions of the Blademaster for 50 seconds. These images are more susceptible to damage than the Blademaster. At Level 4, 5 and 6, the images do a small percentage of the Blademaster's attack damage. You can counter images by holding down the Alt key and noting which ones are doing the most damage or taking the least damage. An Orb of Static on a ranged hero is also a cheap way to determine illusions by attacking each one a couple times and to see which ones take the most damage.

Level Images Image Dmg Damage taken Cooldown Mana
1 1 0% atk dmg +200% dmg taken 7 seconds 125
2 2 0% atk dmg +190% dmg taken 7 seconds 125
3 3 0% atk dmg +180% dmg taken 7 seconds 125
4 4 15% atk dmg +170% dmg taken 7 seconds 150
5 5 25% atk dmg +160% dmg taken 7 seconds 200
6 9 35% atk dmg +150% dmg taken 15 seconds 260

Critical Strike

Critical Strike is a passive skill that gives the Blademaster a chance to do bonus damage. Critical Strike includes any damage bonus items the Blademaster has, and a high-level Blademaster with some Claws can easily kill some heroes in one hit. Early game, it's helpful to focus on army units instead of heroes to gain gold quickly. Also note that the faster the Blademaster attacks, the more frequent Critical Strikes will connect over a set span of time; therefore, agility items are also very beneficial.

Level Chance / Dmg multiplier
1 16% chance to do 3x more dmg
2 18% chance to do 4x more dmg
3 20% chance to do 5x more dmg
4 22% chance to do 6x more dmg
5 24% chance to do 7x more dmg
6 30% chance to do 9x more dmg


Bladestorm causes the Blademaster to spin rapidly, damaging any units in his path. The Blademaster's movement can be controlled while using Bladestorm. He is also magic-immune while the spell is in effect, but is still susceptible to all physical damage. He will most likely not survive for long past the casting of this spell without a Potion of Healing or Invulnerability; both of which can be used during the Bladestorm without interrupting its effects. Generally, Windwalk is used to attain the best possible initial position for Bladestorm.

Note that it is possible to activate a Potion of Invulnerablity AFTER activating Bladestorm. If the potion is used beforehand, the effect will be canceled by the Storm.

Level Damage per sec Duration Area Cooldown Mana
1 110 dps 7 seconds 200 AoE 180 seconds 200
2 250 dps 9 seconds 250 AoE 160 seconds 225
3 420 dps 12 seconds 325 AoE 140 seconds 225

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