Sunday, May 03, 2009

Footmenfrenzy 6.4 changelog

- Removed "etheral" tag from Mine Barrier mines
- Changed choppers attack to hero damage
- Replaced Keldyn's Meteor Strike with another ability
Shadow Hunter
- Serpent Wards have nerfed early/buffed late.
Mountain King
- Avatar duration increased
Counter Mage
- Magic Armor Aura now works on units.
- Increased armor for Roaaaarrrr's stalkers to 3/3/4/5/6/8 from 3/3/4/4/5/5. Higher level stalkers have additional abilities.
- New ultimate
- Mass TP cast time decreased
- Forces of Nature hotkey changed
- Flamestrike buffed
- starfall dmg increased at level1
Demon Hunter
- Meta cooldown lvl 3 increased
- FoK nerfed

- All Unholy aura's buffed to 1.5/2/2.5/3/4/6

- Reduced cost of tier 5 to 16k gold from 35k gold.
- stats for meatwagons changed to 125 base dmg w/ 2.75 cd
- stats for chimaeras changed to 160 base w/ 3.5 cd
- stats for steam tanks changed to 110 base w/ 2.5 cd
- stats for wyverns changed to 280 base w/ 6 cd
- hp upgrade improved.
- racial cost lowered
- Changed unit models for Militia and Peons.
- Breaker base damage increased to 23 from 20.
- Changed splash damage for Flying Meatwagons and Chimaeras to hit only enemy units.
- Increased gold bounty of tier 5 units to 65 + 8d3.
- Changed Orc damage against heroes to 75% from 100%

- Reduced cost of Scepter of Destruction from 1750 to 1500.
- Reduced cast time of Scepter of Destruction from 5 seconds to 3.
- Reduced cooldown of Scepter of Destruction from 45 seconds to 15 seconds.
- Reduced duration of Healing Salve from 60 seconds to 45; the Healing Salve still heals 1500 health.
- Reduced duration of Base Healing from 60 seconds to 25; the Base Healing still heals 1500 health.
- The Rod of Envy is now very persistent.
- Scroll of Town Portal! has a gold cost of 250 from 150.
- Reduced delay time for Ankh of Reincarnation to 1 second from 7 seconds.
- Increased damage reduction value of Berserker Mask to 7 from 5.
- Changed Bark's Clutch so that it cannot target mechanical units.
- Removed Mashiba's Eyebrows, Levias Nets, and Digit's Staff.
- Moved some items around.
- Added Healing Ward of the Gods to the Legendary Shop.
- Added Drake Nest to the Legendary Shop.
- Added the Searing Sniper Bow.

- Increased cost of chunsang, durant, and k-rose to 350.
- Increased cost of goatzilla to 325
- increased gold cost for dudey to 300
- Increased range of Mana Flare from 600 to 900.
- Increased maximum damage of Mana Flare against heroes from 50 to 150.
- Increased maximum damage of Mana Flare against creeps from 150 to 450.
- Increased base damage of Faerie Dragon attack to 6.
- Granite Golems now has Absorb Mana, which drains 200 mana from one unit under your direct control and restores that much mana to the Granite Golem. Absorb Mana has a cooldown of 40 seconds.
- Penguins have Hero damage type so that they deal less damage to buildings.
- Reduce the duration of Penguins to 90 seconds from 120 seconds.

Random Things
- Fixed the issue which caused the Phoenix to enter and stay in the Tavern area.
- Fixed the issue which allowed Arch Magi to Mass Teleport into the Tavern area.
- Fixed the issue which allowed Wardens and Edges to Blink into the Tavern area.
- Changed 6v6 to be cross teams (top left team and bottom right team vs top right team and bottom left team).
- Added a function that supposedly stores the team number of the winning team at the end of the game.
- Added code to preload tier 1 buildings.
- Added a gold distribution trigger for players that have their base killed (also includes players who leave the game).
- Changed 6v6 to be cross teams
- several spells now have casting animations
- several tooltips fixed
- added pathing blockers around all walls.
- removed the silly 'reverse hero' mode

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