Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Footmen Frenzy 6.3 changes

So here are the major changes made in 6.3.

1) Crow Throw - The main problem is at earlier levels. My thought would be to just reduce damage done from levels 1-3. Other ideas have been to increase the cast time (so you can move units out of the way) or increase cooldown/mana cost.

2) Scroll of saeki. It seems like all you have to do to win is get a scroll and tp into a base with mages. We could also just drastically reduce the number (maybe to one unit group) so it can be used for surrounds and such.

3) Mages - Probably the biggest imbalance right now. Damage needs to be balanced and the racial needs to be fixed.

4) Racials - Undead is really the only one worth getting. It needs to be weakened and the others need to be increased.

5) Berserker mask - Way too strong early game. Makes units do basically no damage to a hero. I would say either increase cost (maybe to 750) or decrease damage reduction (to 5?). I would prefer the latter.

6) Defense upgrades - Honestly I don't really care about this - there is no point in getting them now, but Im okay with that. Unless there are good ideas on what to do here, there will probably be nothing changed.

Those are the main things I can think of right now. I'm sure there are some others. I'm also sure that there will be the usual flood of "imba jaood" and "no dispel" but good players don't really seem to have any problem with these things. Feel free to add anything else you think needs to be changed....

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Force-3_shadow said...

Can you change the Tier 2 for orc beause its peons and the last tier is also peaon.For undead can you make the spawn time of manges slower.One last thing can you make human stronger or better because in tournaments no one upgrades human.

From Force-3_Shadow