Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Castle Fight Strategies: terminology guide

Imo it is important to talk the same language while playing in a team. This language should be as short as possible, because you need a lot of time for other things in castle fight. If you play with a lot of ppl who are new to the map you dont always want to explain things, so I thought about a terminology guide. Ppl playing with more serious players for the first time often have problems with little commands which are often used and I want to make it easier for those ppl. They can play, hear a command, look it up hear and do it. Ofc I listed the commands I use and it is possible that I forgot some, too. Pls pm me if you think I forgot a command, write the command and the meaning.


eu (elven union)

bm (blade master, 220 gold)
thirster (blood thirster, 275 gold)
hawk (dragon hawk, 310 gold)
wiz (wizard, 475 gold)

ool (obelisk of light, 235 gold)
hex (city of magic, 240 gold)

ne (night elf)

ama (amazone, archer 150 gold -> master archer 200 gold -> amazone 400 gold)
asa (asassin, 200 gold)

oow (obelisk of wilderness, 220 gold)
glade (silver glade, 235 gold)


murcs (murloc hut, 120 gold)
suump (suumpmolk, 175 gold)

ap (ancient pyramide, 360 gold)

hu (human)

pala (paladin, crusader 280 gold -> paladin 245 gold)

horn (gjallar horn, 225 gold)

ud (undead)

pile (skull pile, 160 gold)
lich (lich king, necromancer -> mighty necromancer -> lich)

dp (death pit, 360 gold)
cod (city of decay, 750 gold)


succi (succubus, 230 gold)
fiend (blood fiend, 280 gold)

mtr (magic tower ruin 200 gold)
sod (shrine of desruction 850 gold)


nether (nether drake, 235 gold)

wop (well of pain 275 gold)


hrim (hrimthrusa, 160 gold)
azure (azure drake 280 gold)
magna (magnataur, wolf 115 gold -> bear 125 gold -> magnataur 280 gold)

fl (frost launcher, 210 gold)
shroom (mushroom, 130 gold)


wyv (wyvern, 220 gold)
shami (shaman, 170 gold)
trapper (troll hut 200 gold + upgrade 80 gold)

rock (serpent rock 350 gold)
statis (statis totem 475 gold)

If you want one to build siege you just say "X" build siege. The same works for legendaries.


coin "X" - this means that you take the builder of player "X" and look with his/her builder for coins.

"X" field farm up/down - this means you should build a farm on the upper or lower lane. "X" fields means that you have leave a certain place from the edge of the map. Every building has a radius of 2 fields, so 4 field farm means that you have to leave 2 buildings space, 2 fields means you have to leave 1 buildings space etc.

sync - one of the most important commands. The best thing is when your units come out at same time with the tank in front. Therefore sync means that your unit have to spawn right after the tank. Ofc it depends, air units are much faster than ground units so they have to spawn later.

"X" micro "X" - this means that player "X" has to use special building "X". It is mostly used in combination with the horn. One player takes care of the horn so it buffs the units when they are near to it.

dont cluster - this command means that one opponent took northern and you have to leave 4 fields among the buildings, because the great fl has a radius of 4 fields.

share - this means that every player has to give control over his/her builder.

orb - this means that one player has to buy the orb and USE it (mostly on the wizards).

stop prod - this means that you have to stop the production of your buildings.

I'm sure I forgot some, so just pm me pls so I can add missing commands.

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