Monday, June 08, 2009

Castle Fight Strategies: guide to coin

As everybody knows there is always a discussion about coins and the one magical question is: "Do we play with or without coins?" I don't want to say why I love coins, I just want to help people who have problems, because of delay or other reasons.

1. When do coins spawn?

The first coin spawns at 44 seconds, the next at 1:24 min, the next at 2:04 ... You can see every 40s spawns a coin and is available for ca. 5-6 seconds. You can use either the table in the right upper corner to look for the game time (which is the best solution I think, because of other in formations) or you can wait for the "bounty incoming" message which stands under your income 4 seconds before the coin spawns.

2. How to collect the coin?

You should always use sound and a headset, because you can hear where the coin spawns. Ca. 1s before the coin spawns you should start scrolling your screen from lefter upper corner to right upper corner, while your mates are looking for other positions, this has a huge advantage: You hear the coin and spawning sound becomes more quiet if scroll away, so you can hear the coin much better. If you have a low delay because you play with list checker you should blink to the coin, then run a bit, because after every blink is a little pause if you have low ping and then blink again. If you have a higher ping you can blink twice in a row, but you have to test the periods and train it. Double blink is an advantage because you can get the coin fast although you play with high delay. You also can triple blink and 4 times blink, its just a question of training. I always use the big card and don't scroll with mini map, but you can try it if you want to. But in the end there are 3 different possibilities:

Everybody does his own stuff and runs for the coins when one spawns (bad idea if the coin is needed for a strategy).

You divide the field into 4 parts, every player has one part and stands in the middle of his "turf". If a coin spawns in his area he gets the coin (also bad for a strategy).

Everybody gives control of his builder to other players. The one momentarily needing the coin stands in the middle of the map before the coin is spawning. Every player without any tasks (like microing horn or repairing with the other builders) looks for the coin in another area. If he sees it he blinks to the coin with the builder needing the coin.

The dividing of the field is up to you.

3. Who gets the coin?

This is up to your strategy, but in the beginning the builder with the most expensive building should get the coin.

Later on (about 15 min) it is luck to get a coin, because the battle makes too much noise, but until 12 min it should be possible to get at least 95% of the coins.

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