Monday, August 07, 2006

Footmen Frenzy 5.1 has been released

You can download the new map here

Fixed a bug that allowed units to blink or teleport to Tavern area.
Removed base healing animation (seeing as how it didnt do anything)

All tier 5 cost increased to 40000 (previously 25000)
UD Tier 5 hp now 12500 (previously 1250)

Fixed Tooltip for Random Hero
Random heroes no longer receive Boots of Speed
Strongest Man Ever buffed to GOD status

Archmage Blizzard damage lowered to 150 per wave at lvl 6 (scaled down at lower levels; previously 280?)
Archmage Mass Teleport cooldown increased at level 2 and 3 (now 20/20/15, previously 20/15/5)
Brilliance Aura now only affects heroes
Levia Crushing Wave mana cost increased from 125 to 130 from levels 1-5
Levia Crushing Wave Final AOE and AOE now set at 125 at all levels (Previously increased by 10)--This is to make it the same as Shockwave
Levia Great Fishing Harvest Hero duration reduced at all levels
Assassin model color changed (or did i?)
Edge Electric Backstab 500 damage at lvl 6 (previously 600; it is now same as Forked Lightning)
Blademaster Mirror Image mana cost increased at levels 5 and 6 (200/260, previously 150/200)
Dino Din Firebolt damage reduced significantly, stun time reduced slightly, mana cost increased to 150 from 100 at all levels.
Phoenix level 2-3 Feedback removed (was not working anyway)

All creeps should have ZXCV format for their skills
Summon Turtles no longer takes up Food
Zeppelin no longer takes up Food
Peasants no longer take up Food
Peasant armor type changed to medium (Previously fortified)
Sentry Ward duration decreased significantly
Stasis Trap duration decreased significantly
Demolisher bounty now 50 (previously 130)
Demolisher damage dice increased slightly

Bark's Shop acquisition range fixed
Bark's Shop item hotkeys fixed

Healing Salves max stock increased to 6 from 4, restock time decreased to 4 from 10.
Scourge Bone Chimes life leeched reduced to 15% from 25%
Maul of Corruption armor reduction decreased to 5 from 10
Maul of Corruption no longer grants bonus intelligence
Robe of the Magi intelligence bonus decreased to 7 from 10
Medallion of Glim cost reduced to 250 from 500
Ring of Protection +6 cost reduced to 200 from 400
Flask of Soda cost reduced to 3500 from 4500
Magic Cheese cost reduced to 3000 from 4500
Giant Leg of Avalanche cost reduced to 3000 from 4500
Healing Ward of the Gods cost reduced to 6000 from 9000
Scroll of Beatings cost reduced to 2000 from 3000
Talisman of the Gods cost reduced to 10000 from 12000
Talisman of the Gods stock delay now 1500 (previously 2000)
Penguins HP increased to 10000 (previously 6000)

Dark Troll High Priest, Sorceress, and Priest now benefit from latent creep upgrades
Druid of the Claw no longer has Bear Form
Hotkeys for Dark Troll High Priest, Zeppelin, and Peasant fixed
Shaman Bloodlust hero duration reduced to 12, unit duration reduced to 30 (previously 60 for both)
Necromancer Unholy Frenzy hero duration reduced to 15 from 45
Priest Inner Fire hero duration reduced to 15 from 60

Lots of tooltip errors were fixed, but I'm sure I missed a few.

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