Friday, August 04, 2006

Footmen Frenzy 5.0 mini tips

How to counter Chim's Jaood in 10 easy steps!

Step 1: Host an inhouse.

Step 2: Hire someone to go AFK on the team with Jaood.

Step 3: Make sure the team adjacent from the Jaood techs, this should keep him at a low level early game.

Step 4: Cast about 50 sentry wards.

Step 5: The teching team isn't vulnerable, but make sure the other adjacent team leaves or they might feed.

Step 6: Manaburn. No one fears a Jaood with 0 mana the entire game. Human tech + two demon hunters + POTM should do the trick.

Step 7: When the Jaood dies, (this will happen eventually because you're always constantly nuking and manaburning him) base fag.

Step 8: NEVER backstab the team that's attacking the Jaood. Even though you'll gain gold and experience, you want to slay that easily-counterable Jaood first.

Step 9: Congradulations! You've just effectively countered Chim's Jaood without DinoDin or permasleep!

Step 10: watch game replay :D
This mini tutorial was taken from RylaiIsGod. Thanks man !

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