Friday, April 14, 2006

Trojan to defeat Blizzard's Warden: a nightmare story

Some of you are familiar with and their small scale involvement in defeating Warden as a detection scheme used by Blizzard to prevent cheaters.
With or without using this kind of programs many users have been banned with or without any reason. Communication with Blizzards Account Administration department was useless.
Blizzard has made every 'political' move necessary to keep them in the clear. One of those states that Warden, at no time, sends any information back to Blizzard regarding anything on your computer. This means two things, 1) it attemts to find certain process behavior that would mimic something like a cheat program, which would obviously have some sort of sandbox/hiding scheme built in to keep itself out of Wardens way, and 2) a pre-discoverred list of hash's that match already known binaries. You could say it works an awful lot like a virus scanner...
The difference, however, is that when Warden finds something, anything, that looks like it could be a 'virus' you loose your account... everything. Time.. lots and lots of time. And they don't have the man power to do legitimate investigations because, as they stated before, Warden doesn't actually SEND information. And unlick any virus scanner, you can't say, 'Yo, that's not a cheat program bud.'
Creating some kind of trojan that will be detected by Warden and getting a huge amount of people banned by Blizzard will be a real nightmare....

The banning policy of Blizzard may finally lead to these kind of actions.
Let's hear your thoughts about this !


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