Monday, April 17, 2006

Footmen Frenzy 5.0 news: the new hero

As HatoUp announced friday evenig the v 5.0 is on work.
He said that will be a new hero that will use a kodo or a turtle model. He will be a strength based hero and he will summon mini turtles or kodos and they will have the ability to devour. At higher levels you summon more units to devour. The units themselves will be pretty tough. Imagine of a mini tank army that is able to eat 8 taurens from your army. :D
The name of the hero isn't yet chosen but it may be from a non NoHunters member. HatoUp said that may be some kind of lottery or contest for the name but nothing is certain. Well nothing is certain about this new hero tahn he is based on summon devouring creeps.
Stay tuned for more !


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