Monday, September 17, 2007

Footmen frenzy heroes: Cattle Bruiser

CattleBruiser's main purpose is to kill enemy Heros. Except for Contract of Death, all his spells damage a single target. The most important thing to remember when playing CattleBruiser is to keep his mana up and keep him out of danger.


Death Strike

Death Strike is a variation of the Death Knight's Death Coil spell. The spell is used to damage an enemy non-Undead unit, and is best used in combination with Cold Strike. It is advisable to learn this spell first due to its low mana cost. During the early part of the game, use Death Strike to finish off footmen with low health. As with Death Coil, Death Strike can also be used to heal an allied Undead Hero or unit, making CattleBruiser a part-time healer in some games.

Level DMG / Heal Range Cooldown Mana
1 100 HP / 200 HP 800 6 seconds 75
2 200 HP / 400 HP 825 6 seconds 75
3 300 HP / 600 HP 850 6 seconds 75
4 400 HP / 800 HP 875 7 seconds 100
5 550 HP / 1100 HP 900 8 seconds 100
6 750 HP / 1500 HP 925 9 seconds 125

Cold Strike

Cold Strike is just like Frost Nova without the Nova. The target will take damage from the spell and be slowed down for a short duration, but nearby units will be unaffected. When planning to use Cold Strike and Death Strike in succession, it is better to use Cold Strike first to slow down the enemy Hero. Cold Strike always has an 8 second cooldown.

Level Damage Range Slow Duration (Hero/Unit) Mana
1 175 800 2 / 4 125
2 250 825 3 / 6 125
3 325 850 4 / 8 125
4 400 875 5 / 10 125
5 475 900 6 / 12 125
6 750 950 8 / 16 150

Contract of Death

Contract of Death is a spell that sacrifices an Undead unit to heal CattleBruiser by an amount relative to the unit's hit points. This spell is generally only learned to level 3 because at that point you can use it on an Abomination and CattleBruiser will have maximum (or near maximum) hit points. Note that you will not make much use on this ability unless you tech Undead Tier.

Level % Life to Life Range
1 50 800
2 100 825
3 150 850
4 200 875
5 250 900
6 400 950

Camato Yannon

Camato Yannon deals more damage to a single target than any other spell in the game. This spell is best used to finish off a Hero with realtively high hit points. Due to the high mana cost and cooldown, you have to be careful when using this spell. An enemy Hero weakened by this spell could easily escape or another team could steal your kill. It must be therefore noted that in almost all cases this spell should only be used if it would kill a target Hero. Since Heroes have some natural immunity to spell damage, Camato Yannon only deals 70% of its advertised damage to them.

Level Damage (Units) Damage (Heros) Range Cooldown Mana
1 1000 700 400 330 seconds 300
2 2000 1400 600 300 seconds 400
3 3000 2100 800 270 seconds 500


CattleBruiser generally needs to use both Death Strike and Frost Nova back-to-back to score hero kills and Camato Yannon also requires a lot of mana. Unfortunately, CattleBruiser is a strength-based hero and therefore has low maximum mana and mana regeneration capabilities. Buying items that increase CattleBruiser's maximum mana and/or mana regeneration (such as Precept of Mana, Sobi Mask, or Robes of Magi) help counter this problem. It is not essential to tech Undead Tier, but is advisable if you want to to make use of Contract of Death.

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