Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Footmen Frenzy 5.1 Tournament Signups WEEK 3

Tournament Details
Where: USEast/Azeroth Channel Clan HALP
When: Saturday, September 9, 7PM BNet Time (12PM Pacific, 3PM Eastern)
Format: Single Elimination, two rounds.

League Rules

1. Each player will have their wins tracked individually. That said, each player must use the SAME handle for every tournament, or they will not receive credit.

2. Each tournament involves 16 teams, with two rounds (winner of each bracket advances to finals). Participating in a tournament awards half a point. Winning a preliminary round awards the player with 1 point, and winning a final awards 2 points. (A tournament winner then, receives 3.5 points total). If demand far outstrips this format, we can expand it to accomodate more players.

3. Depending on how many tournaments we are able to run, as well as the number of people who play in them, we will award prizes to those who are awarded the most points.

4. Tournament winners are granted priority for the following week's tournament in signing up. Other than that, a few exceptions may be made for Beta Testers/HALP members. For the most part however, signups will be first-come, first-serve.

5. Obviously, teams don't have to stay the same, since points are tracked per individual player.

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