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Footmen Frenzy King of the Hill week 6

Footmen Frenzy King of the Hill Week 6 Info:

We will be running a new tournament on Saturday the 8th of July - with a new theme. The tournament is open to all frenzy players who have mastered the skill of turning up on time. There will (probably) be a limit of 16 teams, each of 3 players.

The main rule will be that each team may only tech to a certain tier level based on the number of heroes they have (total in the team). To tech to a tier requires 2 extra heroes per tier, with the exception of tier 1 which will need 4 heroes total to tech to. Note that all players on the team may tech up to this tier (but not past). So, the number of heroes needed in a team to unlock each tier is:
Tier 0: (0)
Tier 1: 4
Tier 2: 6
Tier 3: 8
Tier 4: 10

Organizer: fFe.TeKPiKe
Place: clan HALP on UsEast/Azeroth
Date: Saturday 8th of July
Time: 9 PM battle net time, which is 2 hours later than the normal time in previous weeks. This is 5 PM for East coast US players and 2 PM for West players (and 7 AM for me on the east coast of australia),

To convert from this time to your time, use this site (, with GMT (bnet time) in the first list and 9:00:00 PM as the start time (and your location from the second list). MAKE SURE this is at a possible time for you and your team before you sign up. The tourney could take up to 3-4 hours to finish if you reach the finals.

The matches will be played as 3v3v3v3 games on the official map Footmen Frenzy 4.2.

Each team must start with tri hero (one per player), and may not pick archmage or random* first (although these may be picked as subsequent heroes).

Teams may only tech to a certain tier based on how many heroes they have. Teams (accidentally) breaking this rule will be disqualified or appropriately penalized (the game should be paused at this point so that I can make a decision about it).
Tier 1: Needs 4 heroes total on your team
Tier 2: Needs 6
Tier 3: Needs 8
Tier 4: Needs 10

To prevent the tournament from taking too long due to games which are turtle fests, game lengths will be limited to 50 minutes OR whenever the organizer decides to halt a game. For such games, the game MUST be saved before quitting and the highest scored team will be awarded a victory (unless it is obvious that they have lost, in the opinion of the organizer).

The tournament will be played in 2 rounds - the winners of the 4 first round games will go into the finals and play for the win. If there are far too many teams turning up then other tournament structures will be considered.

One substitute per team is permitted, so long as they have not played for another team in this tournament - other changes may be permitted but only with approval.

(We reserve the right to modify and add to these rules as circumstances require in the spirit of promoting a fair and fun tournament.)

Current team scores from past tourneys:
(team leader, and longest winning streak)
1. KindaScary - 2
2. Lore - 1
2. Evil-Teddy - 1

Kindascary's team has currently won 1 tourney in a row.
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