Saturday, May 08, 2010

Footmen Frenzy map for Starcraft 2 !

As soon as Starcraft 2 beta had been released,  dokebi, had created a Footmen frenzy replica for sc2 !
Here are the original description:

Think of this game as simply Custom Hero Wars/Temple Siege/Dota + Family Guy Madness

How You Play:

- Start the game by picking a hero
- Look up its spells/special abilities at mission briefing, they can be cast by building units at your starport at middle left area of the map
- Take your hero and footmen to the center of the map, and start fighting enemy heroes and sacking the treasure box
- As you kill, the hero gains experience points (1 for footmen kill; 30 for hero kill) and money ($1 for footmen kill; $10 for hero kill)
- With enough experience pts, the hero levels up. This is indicated by a message telling you to upgrade and pings pointing to the middle left area of the map, where you have upgrade buildings. The hero receives ore in the 1000s, alternating between a x000 and x500 between each level up, and because of this you must alternate between attack upgrade and defense upgrade (and your hero’s upgrades remain even throughout the game – i.e., 1/1, 2/1, 2/2, 3/2, 3/3, 4/3, 4/4). THIS MONEY CANNOT BE USED TO UPGRADE FOOTMEN AND BUY ITEMS AT SHOP. It can only be used to upgrade your hero. (And does it make sense to upgrade footmen for $300 when you have $2000?) DO NOT TRY TO CHEAT BY UPGRADING FOR ANOTHER HERO. If you do not get your cash below $950 (do not save up more than $850), you will not be able to level up, buy items, or upgrade footmen
- If you have around $300 non-upgrade cash, you can upgrade your footmen by bringing your hero to the Upgrade Footmen beacon in your base. If you have more than $300, but you cannot upgrade your footmen, consider the following: 1) you may have maxed out the footmen level at level 6; 2) you may not have spent all of your upgrade money, in which case you must upgrade attack or armor for your hero (if your hero is a ghost, your armor is zerg carapace). 3) you do not have enough money
- The shop can be accessed at the middle left and right of the map. You can buy mana potion, health potion, and teleport home at shop, and have up to 2 of each in your inventory. You cast them by moving your infested Kerrigan to the beacon next to the shop.
- The mana fountain is at the center of the map. Once your hero’s spell level is 1 (aka 5 hero levels or 3 attack 2 armor upgrades) you start gaining mana and collecting bonus mana from the mana fountain.

You can give it a try : download

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